The Stages of Development (SOD) Framework is conceptualised as a data-driven tool that can help start-ups, philanthropists and investors working in the rural development space make informed decisions, identify relevant solutions and business models, and maximise social impact, based on the prevailing socio-economic parameters of a village/cluster of villages. The framework addresses the systemic challenges identified and is built on existing frameworks, data and tools available to make it suitable across geographies and sectors. The sectoral and cross-cutting indicators are chosen based on the socio-economic activities and state of physical and social infrastructure in rural areas.


The framework can help in classification of the village into four categories - Underserved, Nascent, Advancing and Rurban, based on its performance against the development indicators. The user can better understand the current level of development of the target village and possible future pathways, with potential solutions that could be executed along with possible guidelines for implementation and delivery models.

  • Underserved
  • Nascent
  • Advancing
  • Rurban


The framework has been designed to help diverse stakeholders across rural ecosystem to adopt and use the tool

  • Start-ups and solution providers
  • Social/Rural Entrepreneurs
  • Impact investors
  • Multi-lateral and bi-lateral agencies
  • Philanthropic organisations, CSR foundations, and donor agencies
  • NGOs working with rural communities
  • Government agencies


  • Accelerate learning about rural markets using a data-driven tool
  • Solution-oriented tool/framework to support your project planning and implementation
  • Classify villages as per the stage of the development using key development indicators and identify/shortlist potential solutions and target geographies for implementation

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